Top 5 Benefits of Residential Christmas Lights

September 06, 2019 by adminchristmas

We have all been there, you put it off for as long as you could but the day has come, it’s time to put up your Christmas lights. It’s cold out and that ball of lights from the basement is a tangled mess. You’re up and down a ladder all day and the worst part is you have to do it all over again in the new year.

This season, leave the decorating to us. Christmas Lights by Skedaddle is a premier holiday lighting company with experts in over 300 markets across North America including the West Island. For over 25 years, we have been taking the hassle out of holiday decorating by designing and installing memorable displays that enhance your home’s unique features and landscaping. Our professional and courteous staff take care of everything from start to finish, including:

  • Complete Design
  • Professional Installation
  • Maintenance throughout the season
  • Timely take down
  • Storage

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Christmas Lights Service

  • Completely customization decor
  • As our service starts with a free, detailed, design consultation.  One of our decor experts will come to your home, help you choose your magical display and show you a mock up of what to expect, giving you the chance to see if first!  With thousands of designs, colours and accents to choose from, you can be as creative as you want to be and also change it up from year to year.

  • Hassle-free & Stress-free holiday lights
  • Christmas Lights by Skedaddle has over 100 trained and certified technicians in ladder and roof safety, so they know their way around the home.  Avoid cold ladders, tangled lights, and icy shingles by utilizing our 30 years of experience. Ensure the perfect Christmas display with precise, clean and professional installation.

  • Get the value out of your professional lighting service
  • As professional holiday decorators we take pride in offering our customers high quality LED lights that are made to order, custom to your home and maintained all year round.  From the time we install, to take down after season, and storage, we are committed to maintaining your lights so that you can truly enjoy everything that the holidays bring. In addition to unscheduled, regular checks to ensure your lights stay lit, we offer full maintenance calls anytime, at no extra cost.  Just call and enjoy, it’s that easy.

  • Timely Take Down once the holidays are over
  • The holidays are a great time to enjoy the beauty of the winter season.  Time with family, christmas lights, carols and presents – sounds amazing.  It is also very tiring and a lot for any family, this is why not having to worry about taking down your lights, wreaths, and Santa Claus while the snow is melting, your property is cold & wet, is key! Avoid the hassle of cleaning off the decorations, packing them finely and finding a place to store them, leave to us!

  • Avoid the clutter of storing your lights
  • As we strive to really make Christmas special for families we want to take care of everything for you, that is why we also offer storage of the lights and decor your using.  Once we take everything down, we clean, sanitize, and neatly wrap everything so that it can be stored in our warehouse and marked for your convenience to use the following year!  This also helps you save as you avoid the initial measuring, planning, and building of your lighting display.


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