Top 5 Decorating Tips from Professional Holiday Decorators

September 06, 2019 by adminchristmas

1. Balance: The key to a memorable holiday display

When it comes to designing and installing a clean and elegant holiday display one of the most important features is balance. If the lights aren’t evenly spaced or are too concentrated in one area it can throw off the entire look and feel. How can you achieve balanced holiday lighting?

2. Custom Cut

What truly separates professional Christmas lights from those available at the local hardware store is the ability to custom cut the wire to any home’s exact specifications. Custom cut lights give professional installers the ability to put lights exactly where they want them. This means they don’t have to find a place for extra footage or leave other sections of roof line short.

3. Height

When most people think of Christmas lights their thoughts immediately go to roof lighting but it’s important to consider the entire property when decorating. To balance lights that run along the roof line there are a number of lighting options at lower levels that help make the display look more full.

  • Highlight landscaping by lighting trees and shrubs
  • Accentuate windows by lighting their perimeter
  • Ground lighting for garden edges, driveways and walkways
  • Lit wreaths and garland offer day and night time decor


4. Depth

One aspect of a balanced display that is often forgotten is depth of light. This can be achieved in a number of different ways. One of the more stunning ways to add depth to roof lighting is extending the lights beyond the roof line and running them along the ridges. This creates an almost 3D appearance and highlights the unique features of the roof line.

Depth can also be added by lighting elements at both the front and back of the property. Very often this can be done through landscape lighting and selecting trees and shrubs that are both close to the as well as the street. Ground lighting that runs along the edge of a pathway or garden can also create stunning sight lines.

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5. Be Selective

When it comes to decorating a property for the holidays less can very often be more. As mentioned, there are many ways to create a balanced look but in most cases it only takes two or three elements to really make it happen. A careful designer will take the time to recognize the unique features of any home and property and be selective when bringing them to life.

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