5 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Christmas Light Install

As the holiday season approaches, home owners are beginning to plan and prepare for the annual tradition of decorating their property. Although the end result is worth the work, the task of installing holiday decor can be strenuous. The activity often entails climbing to the highest points of the home, which is very dangerous and can result in serious injury. Hiring professional decorators who can take care of all the dangerous parts of holiday decorating, leaves you with the fun part – the design. With the help of our team at Christmas Lights by Skedaddle, your only task will be deciding how you want your holiday home to look, leaving all the heavy lifting to the professionals.

Whether you want to be the most decorated home on the block or a simple cozy light display for the holidays, our team at Skedaddle Christmas Lights has developed a system that is customizable to each homeowner’s design needs. From design, to installation, to storage and maintenance, we take care of everything. Aside from avoiding a slippery roof, you may be asking, how can I benefit from hiring professionals to install my holiday decor? Let this blog teach you why hiring a professional decorator is the perfect plan this holiday season.

1. Eliminate Risk of Injury

The most important reason that you should call in the professionals to handle your home decor this year is to ensure your safety. Installing decor can be extremely dangerous, especially once the snow and ice begin to settle on your roof. Even scaling ladders requires professional training to be done safely. Without the knowledge and equipment required to safely get to the top of the roof, you may fall and injure yourself or others. Once on the roof, ice, snow, weak points, and the steep slope can result in a dangerous fall. Our team of professional decorators come to every home with the proper training and experience to safely reach every high point of a home, and neatly install the lights along all of those hard to reach areas.

Professional Decorator

2. A Beautiful Display Within Your Budget

It can be hard to find nice holiday lights that are designed to last for several winter seasons, and even harder to find them at a reasonable price. The bigger your home, the more lights required to make your home stunning for the holidays. When working with professionals, you are given top of line products that will not diminish from even the coldest winter day. Our team will work with you to create the holiday decor of your dreams within your budget. You decide every detail from the specific colour to the overall aesthetic. Our premium quality lights and decor outshine any light you will find on the shelf, resulting in a professional and polished look without the task of installing or purchasing them yourself.

3. Hassle-free Storage and Maintenance

Installing decor is boring, but taking it down is an even more unbearable task. Placing all those wet cords of lights, decorations and wreaths neatly away in storage boxes takes hours of work, and usually results in a disorganised jumble of decor stuffed in a cardboard box until next year. As a part of our process, Christmas Lights by Skedaddle will remove and store all decor for homeowners. Your custom decor will be safely stored until the following year.

Winter weather can also cause a number of issues with holiday decorations, from fallen wreaths to damaged lights. Our team is only a phone call away all season long to make sure your property is stunning for the entire holiday season.

Professional Christmas Decorator

4. Changeable Designs Each Year

Design ideas change every year, and your taste in holiday decor can change too. Rather than displaying the same coloured lights each year, we offer homeowners the opportunity to try new designs and colours. At no additional cost, you can customize your design and lighting pattern every holiday season, leaving you with endless possibilities. Our LED lights give customers hundreds of colours and designs to select from, with each creating a new aesthetic and feeling for your home. If you’re looking for white and bright one year, and warm and colourful the next, our team has got you covered.

5. Daytime and Landscaping Decor

At Christmas Lights by Skedaddle, we specialize in all your decor needs, and believe each property’s best features should be highlighted, including the landscaping. The help of a professional eye is the best way to use your front and back lawn to their fullest potential. Lawn, bush, and tree decor can make your property even more stunning for the holiday season.

Holiday decor doesn’t just apply to the evening hours. We have a variety of daytime display options including pre-lit wreaths, garland and bows to make your home shine at all hours of the day, and will be custom fit to your property to compliment your light display.

Rely on Christmas Lights by Skedaddle

Our unique process takes away all the stress of holiday decor, allowing homeowners to enjoy the season with their family and friends. We take your specific holiday decor ideas and create a customized display based on your needs, and budget. Once you are pleased with our design, we will install your unique display that you and your neighbours can enjoy for the entire holiday season. Don’t add stress to your Christmas holiday this year. Instead, call the professionals at Christmas Lights by Skedaddle.